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Violet Laser Line generator module, 405nm

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These Violet Laser modules of 405nm, generate a line with a fan angle of 60 degrees. They are are available in 5, 20 or 50mW
These compact modules are cooled through the cylindrical walls and so must be mounted in an appropriate heat sink. (recommended heatsink is HS-12, this is suitable for use with any 12mm diameter modules).
Designed as a complete laser diode solution, the 405nm laser modules are suitable for use in applications such as biomedical instrumentation, imaging, spectroscopy, laser induced fluorescence sensing, microscopy and many other emerging technologies

Laser Class: 3R, 3B (IIIa, IIIb)
Wavelength:: 405nm
Output Power: <5mW, <20mW , 50mW
Output Mode: Continuous
Operating Voltage: 3.2V DC
Operating current: 180mA
Operating Temp.:: 10°C à 35°C
Beam: Line ( 60 degres fan angle)
Case Material:: Brass & plastic
Length:: 35 mm
Diameter:: 12 mm

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