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Hello, Thank you very much for the excellent and quick service. It is very commendable. Best regards

A.W. Biberach, Germany   140806-27342 Germany Flag

Good morning, today is finally here the material that I purchased from you. is really beautiful beyond my expectations. Thank you and I expect I'll more business with you sincerely,

F. F. Siena, Italia   120229-20385 Italia Flag

Hello, Thank you very much! The service of your company is great. Have a nice day. Best regards,

R. P. Köflach, Steiermark, Austria   110221-17754 Austria Flag

Thank you very much for your immediate respond and your excellent service.I hope I will have the items by mid of next week. Kind Regards

C. A. Limassol, Cyprus   110319-17955 Cyprus Flag

Just a quick mail to say thank you for the speedy delivery of the two heatsinks I ordered on Wednesday 19th January. I shall definitely be purchasing from your company future Kind regards

A. B. Camberley, Surrey U.K.   110119-3615 United Kingdom Flag

I received my laser today (the french postal system can be very slow...), and it's great. I want to thank you for your time in answering my questions, and congratulate you for this quality product ! I'll definitely recommend you to people around me !

J-N. G. Paris, FRANCE   101230-17328 France

To Whom It May Concern: We received our laser order this past Friday. I wanted to express my appreciation for the quality of the lasers I ordered. Your pricing is very good, and I am quite sure we will be doing much more business in the future. Thanks again…

B. H. Central city, KY, USA   101228-17321 USA

Thank you for your prompt e-mail. You always offer great customer service. I greatly appreciate it. Kindest regards,

J.S Mississauga, Ontario, Canada   100913-16402 Canada Flag

Hello, Thanks for the fast response. This is a good response page. I value knowing the shipping and order details. It is all here, concise. Looking forward to using these items.

S.H Redwood City, CA - USA   101112-3512 USA

Thank you !. We're very interested in the battery-powered underwater lasers; we've been manufacturing our own, but yours are much more affordable for the battery-powered versions and we're seriously looking at simply reselling yours through our network of contacts. We're planning to add accessory mounts for saturation diver helmets and ROV systems. They are a nice complement to our shallow-water (500 meter) and deep-water (3000 meter) cabled lasers for use on ROV systems, and for the underwater LED lighting systems we also manufacture.

C. S. - A.G.O , Victoria, BC - Canada   100804-15946 Canada Flag

Thanks Ariel. Great service !!!

K. v. d. W. AJ Breda, NEDERLAND   100615-15527 Netherlands

Hello, We recently purchased a pair of your green underwater laser pointers for use in our research. We needed a way to determine the scale of images on our underwater camera, and mounted the lasers on the camera frame for that purpose. As the packaging for the lasers states that they are waterproof down to 300 feet and the lower bound of their operating temperature range is 15º C, we were somewhat apprehensive about their success. Our research required the lasers to work for extended periods at depths of 350 feet or more in the Gulf of Maine's cold water, but we're happy to report the lasers performed perfectly. The lasers spent up to two and a half hours at a time at depths up to 370 feet and temperatures averaging 7º C, and gave strong beams that were clearly visible on the video images. In short, your lasers were stellar, delivering all we could ask for and more. We've already recommended them to others who need lasers for similar applications. Thank you very much! Your lasers have been an indispensable part of our work this summer.

B. G. and the rest of the S. lab, University of Maine, ME, USA   100615-15530 USA

I received the good at 10.05 am (American time is 10.05 pm) on 27.10.2009. What a good service! Thank you again and Best Regards

D. T. T. Hanoi, Vietnam   091018-13238 Vietnam Flag

Just received my two new Green Laser Pointers' by Canada post mail. First, I would like to tank you for the fast service and I really appreciate the quality of you're product. I'm sure my BGD Commander will appreciate the Pointers'.

Cpl R. M. Ottawa, ON - Canada   090928-13041 Canada Flag

I have received the new laser. The power matches my other unit. Your patience, customer service and products are excellent. Thank you for all the help you have provided me. Sincerely,

E. F. Tucson, AZ - USA   090514-11908 USA

Ariel, thank you so much for your immediate response!! the product I purchased works great and I'm really impressed with your customer service.

T. T. Student affair, MA USA   081119-10565 USA

I'm very pleased with the quality of the laser modules I've received (GM-CW02L) Can you provide me with a price schedule for various quantities? Thank you. Sincerely

R. H. Fairfield, OH - USA   080531-9359 USA

I wish to thank you very much for the speedy dispatch of my order. Iam delighted with the goods and will be recommending you to my friends. Once again Many Thanks

J. D. Belfast, Northern Ireland   071105-7425 Northern Ireland Flag

Hey there,
I just got the laser module today and its absolutely brilliant! I would highly highly recommend you guys to everyone I know in the future and your prices are far below what Ive seen online for a 20mW laser. And your customer support is fantastic and you actually answer questions quickly!!! Keep up the great work!!!

H. B. Brampton, ON - Canada   071023-7324 Canada Flag

With all of the trouble trying to get these just thought I would let you know that they have been delivered. I have a friend in Newfoundland waiting for my evaluation of this laser and if I like it he is going to recommend them to the RASC group that he belongs too. I will be sure to let him know that the service provided so far has been great.

D. J. S. Finch, ON - Canada   071022-7309  Canada Flag

I should have got back to you yesterday (Thursday 4th Oct ) to let you know that my order came at about 15-30, on Thursday 4th Oct, now that's what I call service. The Royal Mail strike is not affecting the International mail section, thank god. Thank you very much, it is a smart bit of kit. Again thank you very much that's a superb service. Regards,

B. M. Haddenham, Aylesbury, Bucks UK   071001-7181  United Kingdom Flag

I just purchased your excellent green laser from Island Eyepiece in Mill Bay BC. I love it, it really does exceed expectations, thank you!!! Keep up the great work, you really have great quality products.

I.P. Victoria, BC, Canada   060926-4849 Canada

Last Friday I was talking to you from Toronto today I am writing to you from Portugal! I received your shipment of the laser pointers, thank you for the excellent service you provide! Regards,

F. L. Viana de Castelo, Portugal   I-6033005 Portugal

Thanks J.!
Did I mention before your excellent quality of service?? If not, please let me say now that i'm very impressed with your personal involvement in this tiny but important things. Best regards,

C. J. L. Santiago, Chile   I-6022206 Chile

Hi Ariel, I just wanted to thank you for your quick & efficient service. I got the green laser perfectly fine and it's only 2pm Hawaii time. Mahalo,

V. H-P , Honololu, Hawai   U-6021309 USA

Thank you for your fast response, I am happy that my pointer has suffered no ill effects from its journey and is 'normal'! It really is a quality product and I am more than happy with it. Thank you for your excellent service I will be keeping my eye on your site for other products. Best Regards.

P. R. Wokingham, Berkshire, UK   I-6010901 UK

If every vendor I dealt with were as professional and prompt as you, my work life would be so much easier; thank you very much! Very best regards,

R. E. Durham, NC USA   U-5120502 USA

I recieved my laser pointer yesterday and I am very happy with the quality. Thank you for your prompt service.Regards.

J. B. Maple Ridge, BC CANADA   C-5111405 Canada

Thank you for help. More importantly, I am very pleased with your sincere and nice altitude in assisting me to select the right part.Keep up your great work!

B.T. Edmonton, AB, CANADA   C-5111509 Canada

On this site the client IS NOT A NUMBER. Not only they are very fast to send your order but they take care of you if you have a problem. They add a personal touch to give (or try to) you satisfaction. I have had a technical problem with a green laser pointer after the period of manufacturer's guarantee and they offered to to give me a good rebate if I returned the item and bought an other one ! Where else do you see that ? I highly recommend this site.

G.E. - Principality of Monaco   I-5060805 Monaco